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Puppy has been gotten, and i am posting it here even though it has not been used since... October. Oh well.


Happy late birthday!!!!!!

Habby Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lenell! Happy Birthday to you.

While I can only enjoy buying my rated 'R' tickets, you can now enjoy purchasing both cigarettes and porn. Happy shopping! :D

Ment to post this earlier, sorry.

Posse night..........

We all need to get together and do something, anything. Whether it be a DDR night, or Firefly at Nyssa's, or Monopoly, or a movie, or Anything. We just need to do it. So any ideas? Or how about people's schedules and crap.


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear MEEEEEEEE!, Happy Birthday to me.

I get to go to rated R movies now, biotches! That's right. Now I'm done.


The only reason I got this result is because I happen to have a lesbian mom, I like the move To Wong Fu better than any of those other crappy ones, I like Garbage, and I associate more with Ru Paul than I do with fucking Bill Clinton. SO you all can just go to hell. Yea...

gender identity

What disorder do you have?
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Serial Killer Quiz

If i was a serial killer i would be Jeffrey Dahmer.

The psycho killer of the 90's, Jeffery dahmer abducted, drugged, sodomized, tortured, murdered and devoured his young male victims one at a time. After receiving calls of a rancid stench emanating from dahmers apartment, investigators found the decomposing remains of over 12 young men.

Dahmer would drug his victims, then proceed to drill a hole in their head, inserting acid into the brain, keeping the body alive but killing all other functions. he called them his "sex zombies". After the body would die, he would then proceed to mutilate and pose the body, taking pictures, and cooking and eating what was left over.

Kill count: 12-13

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So I know a majority of us like taking those little online personality test thingies to waste time, so here's the idea: Let's start posting and comparing these test results here, just for kicks and giggles. You know, see who winds up as the same characters, etc.

It's easy, whenever you take a test post it here as an entry. Then everyone else just post a comment with their result for that specific test.

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